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Create a new tent

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Before you create a tent, you should know what will be the tent used for and what kind of environment will be the tent used, like camping, climbing, beach, military, or just as sun shelter, is that used in cold area or hot area, is there strong wind and rain, is there any special requirement. Then you can start to create a tent.


Here we will take an igloo tent as example. This tent is for Germany market for camper. It need to be fit for 3 persons, quick set-up and close, should be workable for one week camping, need to have a space for rucksack, shoes and accessories. Then we go with below steps.



According to ISO5912, each person should have a space around 200 x 60cm, 3 person should not smaller than 200 x 180cm. As Germany person is bigger than normal, we decide to have the size 210 x 200. The height normally around 120-140cm for igloo tent, we decide 120cm, as there should be around 20cm left for quick set-up system. In order to have space for rucksack and some accessories, we intend to have vestibule around 80-90cm at front of door. Now, we can start to make the sketch. Many of tent manufacturer has design department these years.

Create a new tent



After the sketch is finished, the designer will make the plate according to the sketch. 10 years ago, many of tent factories make the plate by hand, but now, most of tent suppliers make the plate by software.

Tent plate


Cut fabric

Print the plate first, then cut the fabric according to the plate.

Print the tent plate

print the tent plate



Sew the first try sample.

 Sewing tent


Set-up the try sample and check if it is good or need any improvement, it normally need to check the pattern, size, frame, construction, set-up and close at this stage. If everything is OK, then make the final tent with correct material and frame. If anything need to be amend, cut the fabric and make 2nd, 3rd, 4th… try sample and review again. As this tent request quick set up and close, we choose umbrella-like system.


When the try sample is finalized, then make the final sample with correct fabric, use correct frame and accessories, like tent stake, wind string. Because this tent is for camper for at least one week outside, we decide to have high water column fabric and tape the seam. Then make the test according to the intended use environments. Like waterproof, wind resistance, anti-UV, draw-string resistance, air ventilation performance, load capacity…


Here it is just a normally process for creating a new tent, except above issues, there are lots of other issues need to be considered, such as unit weight, packing size, durability, water condensation, safety, law requirement at countries of end user. If the tent is for military, like the military tent we produced for a NATO member, which is much complicated and should consider much more and test much more.  


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