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How can you create a sleeping bag to fit for specify temperature rate?

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When you have a tender or RFQ for a sleeping bag, but your customer do not has any specification, they can only provide you a requirements for what temperature the bags will be used or what purpose it will be use. How can you creative a bag to fit for the purpose?

What will be the main aspects for temperature rate?


It includes mummy shape, envelop shape and envelop with hood. Mummy shape is good to reach lower temperate rate, envelop shape is roomy and comfortable, but difficult to reach too low temperate rate. Envelop with hood is as roomy and comfortable as envelop, and better than envelop to reach lower temperature level, but not as good as mummy to reach low temperature level.


We hereby refer to insulation construction and other constructions.

Insulation construction

·Simply 1 layer. This construction is normally used for summer bag or 3 season sleeping bag.

·two layers construction, which is most used way to create a sleeping bag to fit for cold weather use. According to our experience, it works well. Many military sleeping bag with

  Two layers construction.

·three or more layers, in order to reach a so low temperature rate, we could make at most 4 layers sleeping bag so far.

Other constructions

·Warm collar is normally fixed at top part of sleeping bag to lock hot air inside the bag.

It mostly used for mummy sleeping bag and envelop sleeping bag with hood.

·Wind baffle is normally fix along the zipper to prevent cold weather get into bag through the zipper tooth.

·Draw string to close the open as small as possible.

·No quilt on the shell to prevent wind come through the needle holes.

·Improved “double H chamber” to prevent wind come through the needle holes. Please refer the FAQs. https://www.greencampabc.com/faqs/

sleeping bag constructions


What materials will be used for sleeping bag has big efforts on temperate rate. It include insulation & shell and lining.


Generally, there are two kinds of material used as insulation for sleeping bags. One is artificial fiber, another one is down. Down could reach lower level than artificial fiber based on same volume. Different artificial fiber also has different performance.

Shell & lining fabric

Summer bag usually use light weight fabric and cold weather bag usually has soft and comfortable fabric, which is also good to keep warm.

Is there any international standard to define a temperature rate for sleeping bags?

There are two international standards, EN ISO13537 & EN ISO23537. EN ISO13537 has been created first, EN ISO 23537 is the improved version. EN ISO13537 & EN ISO23537 is very similar generally and both of these two standard are valid. EN ISO23537 has more detail specification regarding test environment only. The latest version for both 2 standards are ISO13537-2012 & ISO23537-2016. With these two standards, we can define the temperate roughly. Why it’s roughly not exactly, because different person has different feel. And in order to define an international standard, there are some aspects are not so reasonable, like test method, envelop and mummy is different.

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