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Morbi stragulum pluma picnic


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Magnitudine: 150X130cm

Top materia, solo vellere fuerit Suspendisse C%

Media materia: Spongia

Imo materia, Eva

Sarcina: poly-lapides sacculi
Factory show

Camping UF PORDUCTS CO., LTD fundatur in MMX Changzhou civitatem Jiangsu provinciae elit. Quod fit propria in tabernaculo illius dormiens peram, picnic venisset, castra venisset, se mat-inflatable, movebunt castra primi supellectilem et forcia. Sunt circa CXXX operarios in fecit.

We dedicated ourselves to provide qualify & safety products. Both organization chart and workflow are powered by this goal. All the products are inspected one by one before shipment. Most of the our products have passed the relative test requested by European market and North America market, including AZO, CADMIUM, PAHs, LEAD CONTENT, REACH, PHTHALATES, FORMALDEHYDE, EN13537, EN71, CPAI-84, CPAI-75, ISO5912.

Our good quality products and faithful business style earned us many customers, including Eureka, Nordisk, Red fox, Obelink, E. Leclerc, Rusta, ALDI, UNHCR, LIONS international, Military department from different countries…, if you think it is important to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

workshop cutting room Plate Making Room fabric cutting

carding machine reinforcement sewing Quilting seam Quilt for tipical america sleeping bag style
seam taped fabric inspecting machine rain test High frequency heat sealing(1)

picnic blanket REACH   picnic blanket Total Cadmium content, total lead content, SCCPs, Phthalates, Dimethylformamide content, Formamide content, PAHs, AZO
Materials & technology for picnic blanket

Generally, there are 3 different types, 3 layers, 2 layers and 1 layer.

3 Layers

Top layer contact with person, so it’s normally soft touch for comfortable or water repellent for easy clean.

Middle layer it’s a paddle, the main function is to make the picnic blanket as soft as possible.

Bottom layer it’s contact with ground, the main function is waterproof, but it also need to be strong enough to avoid cut by sharp object.


construction Top layer Middle layer Bottom layer Technology for stick
A Polar fleece Sponge PEVA Hot melt
B Polar fleece Sponge PE + Aluminum foil Hot melt
C Polar fleece Sponge Polyester fabric W/R Hot melt
D Polar fleece EPE PE Hot melt
E Acrylic Sponge PEVA Hot melt
F Acrylic Sponge PE + Aluminum foil Hot melt
G Acrylic EPE PE Hot melt
H printed polyester fabric Artificial fiber polyester fabric W/R Quilt
I printed polyester fabric Artificial fiber polyester fabric W/R Ultrasonic melt
Bottom fabric PEVA, PE + Aluminum foil & PE are waterproof, cheap but not so strong, these materials are very popular and enjoy very big market.
The bottom material of construction C, H & I, sometimes, it will use oxford to have good performance(strong and durable).
Construction” Ⅰ ” is very popular for North America market.
Construction “J” is a new technology for picnic blanket, which is completely waterproof, strong and durable.
QUILT Sew  3 layers together at one time. As there are sewing holes, so it’s not completely waterproof. But for most situations, it is workable. Please refer to below video.

HOT MELT  It melt the middle layer and bottom layer first, then melt the top layer. So the temperature is very important, many of picnic blanket with quality problem caused by wrong temperature. Please refer to video

ULTRASONIC MELT  melt 3 layers together at one time, as it’s melt by ultrasonic, so there’s no sewing holes and completely waterproof.

2 Layers

In order to have portable packing, the middle layer will be removed, only top layer and bottom layer will be applied. In this case, it usually choose soft material as top layer.

1 Layer

Some so call pocket picnic blanket only have one layer made by waterproof fabric.

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1. Does your picnic blanket is machine washable?

We have machine washable picnic blanket, but not all picnic blanket is machine washable. Please contact us for details.


2. How to guarantee your product quality?What measurement are you taken?

Habemus ad certam formulam inspectionem. Si rite inspiciantur et materiem inspici facto singillatim amet ante. Si tibi non elit faciam tibi scit enim tua inspectionem products annotando si illic 'aliqua pars default. Hoc non fieri potest ut eorum products C% in occursum vexillum.


3. Does your products chemical free and environment friendly?

Most nostri products es amica elit. Sed in foro est aliud aliud postulationem, obsecro, nobiscum reprehendo per singula. Nos novimus target forum tuum tu quoque sit, tunc praebent indicium et nos non oportet.


4. What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimum est ut quantitas dependet a diversis items details et productum. Ut a Northmanni 500pcs 2000pcs: items aliqua magis, aliqua minus. Item aliud placet liberum contactus nos ad se.


5. What is the average lead time?

Nam exempla, plumbum tunc de VII diebus. Massa productio plumbum tempus 45-60 dies post depositum reddi. Et effective, cum plumbum tunc (I) Nos enim accepi depositum, et (II) ultima probat habemus pro vobis products. Primis temporibus cum oblatos si non faciunt, quaeso tuam cum baculo elit. In omnibus casibus, si probabile tibi necessitates accommodare. Ut in pluribus, non possunt facere.

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