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Military combat tent


Military combat tent is designed for solider use in any conditions. Different countries and area has different feature. No matter any area, the military combat tent has much high standard. The military combat tent normally include 5 parts, main body, frame, fly sheet, carry bag & repair

gear. The general feature for combat tent are reliable, durable, lightweight, portable and easy to use.


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Is Military combat tent good for camper?

Generally, the quality of military tent is much better than camping tent on the market, especially for durable and reliable. But military tent is difficult to buy on the market, as military tent is ordered by General Logistics Equipment Department of military or similar. But there are some used military tents are available online.

How to guarantee the quality?

Here’s the general process of how military combat tent been created, that will help you know. General Logistics Equipment Department of military or similar department present the file with detail requirements, the requirements usually descripted by words and parameter. They don’t know what the final tent looks like, they just know the tent should fulfill what kind of mission. Contractor should make design according to the requirements, while most of contractors not pay too much attention on this kind of small project, this work should be done by sub-contractor or manufacturer. More than 90% manufacturer is out at this stage because most of them only focus on low cost to meet the competitive market instead of pay some cost for research and development. When the design is approved, there should be qualify material to fulfill the design.

At this stage, another 5% of supplier is out. The military tent is made by these top 5% manufacturer, that’s why the quality is good.

What is general requirement for military combat tent?

Here are some requirements for military combat tent, military for different area and different project has different requirements. Even for same country, the requirement is different for different purpose. Because of non disclosure agreement, there’s no detail date.


-          Tensile strength

-          Tear strength

-          Water resistance

-          Air permeability

-          Color fastness

-          Flammability

-          Abrasion resistance


-          Strength of closed-end

-          Strength of top stop

-          Minimum cycle without fail

-          Lateral strength of slider fastener

-          Lateral strength of open-end attachment

Guy rope

-          Tensile strength

-          UV resistance

Metal part

-          Anti-corrosion

 Complete tent

-          Water resistance

-          Wind resistance

-          Air ventilation

-          Unit weight

Post time: Mar-11-2020
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