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One way to fold out all pop up tents

 Edited by Rick Yin

Pop up tent is very popular because it is easy to set up. Then there’s more time left for you to enjoy your time. That’s why there’s another name “ easy up tent”.
There are lots of different pop up tents, like pop up dome tent, pop up beach tent, pop up shower tent, pop up family tent.
Pop up tent is easy to set up, but it will be a big problem if consumer is unable to fold it out. It is too big to take it along if it is unfolded. That means pop up tent will be a disposable tent. Here I would like to show the steps for fold out different pop up tents, I am confidence you could fold all kinds of different pop up tents after you finish to read this article.
Generally, all the pop up tent could be folded out in two ways. First one I call “reverse bridge method”, second one I call “Oval method”. Today, we only talk about reverse bridge method, oval method will discuss in another article.
I will explain reverse bridge method by below 4 different pop up tents. No matter what kind of pop up tent, reverse bridge method as the name shows, first of all, the tent should be folded to the shape like a reverse bridge. Let’s start.


Typical Pop up dome tent
Typical Pop up dome tent is most common but basic one, which with one or two upright poles and one horizontal pole. The door could be at long side or short side, and there are one/two ventilations at sides or rear. Some of them has roof ventilation too, some of them has extra sun shade (pop up tent with sun shade), some of them is two layers (two layers pop up tent). But no matter how many doors/ventilations or where they located or with any other features, the main feature is that this pop up tent with both horizontal and upright pole(s). Let me explain the fold method with below typical one.
2 person pop up dome tent
Watch the structure of this tent and try to fold it to the shape like “reversed bridge”. I have made sketches to show the steps. Fold up the 2 ends of bottom pole to the nearby part of vertical pole and then Connect 4 ends together. Now, you can see the shape of tent (blue part) looks like a reversed bridge. Let’s stop here for the typical pop up dome tent and go for other pop up tents, because following steps are completely same for all different types of pop up tent. Other 3 pop up tent will be explained by the same way.
How to fold pop up dome tent

Simplified typical pop up tent
There’s another pop up dome tent which is simplified typical pop up tent, as the horizontal pole was canceled. There could be similar features as typical pop up dome tent, like how many doors/ventilations, where they are located or with extra sun shade, but the essential feature is that there’s upright pole only for this kind of pop up tent, no horizontal pole. Below is photo of this kind of pop up tent.
Simplified pop up dome tent version
As its name shows, this pop up tent is simply than typical pop up tent. Below sketch shows the way to fold it out. The difference from typical pop up dome tent is that you only need to connect the middle of upright pole together as below sketch shows.
How to fold simplified pop up dome tent

Pop up beach tent
Pop up beach tent is modified typical pop up dome tent. Typical pop up dome tent has door(s), when the door of pop up dome tent was replaced by opening, the pop up dome tent becomes pop up beach tent. People normally sit in the pop up beach tent and no need to sleep in it, so the size and shape has little changes to fulfill this purpose. But the essential structure is same to typical pop up dome tent. Below photo is a pop up beach tent and a typical pop up dome tent.
Pop up dome tent and pop up beach tent


First of all, make the beach tent bottom up, then hold the 2 ends and connected these 2 ends together.

Below sketches shows how to fold it out.

How to fold pop up beach tent

pop up shower tent
Pop up shower tent is another typical pop up tent structure, which is different from pop up dome tent. It’s compose of four oval upright panel, these four panels are in same shape and size, each panel is supported by a spring pole, door on one of these four panels; some of shower tent with groundsheet, some of them without ground sheet. This structure also could be used for some other pop up tent, like game watching tent, QUECHUA BASE SECONDS POP UP CAMPING TENT SHELTER and so on.
The essential feature for this kind of pop up tent that it is compose of four same panels and each panel supported by a spring pole.
Pop up shower tent
Below sketches shows the step to fold it out. There are four panels and four ridges.
First, hold any ridge, push it to the opposite ridge. At this step, two panels overlap with another two panels, let’s say 4 to 2.
Next, fold one panel to another, at this step, all for panels overlapped, let’s say 2 to 1.
Thirdly, fold up the two long ends up and make the two ends connect together.
Now, it looks like “reverse bridge”. Then these three steps could be simplified as below:
1st, 4 to 2.
2nd, 2 to 1.
3rd, 1 to 1/2
How to fold pop up shower tent
We finish first steps for all these four types of pop up tents, now let’s continue the following steps. These steps are completely same among all these 4 types. First, Right hand hold the connected end, turn 90°of tent to make it stand up, left hand hold the middle point of top circle, then go down and fold to rear, hold this position by right hand. There are two up-right circles, press down these circles one by one, fix it by strap, then it’s finished. Below sketches shows these steps.
How to fold pop up tent


If you think the sketch is difficult to understand, please refer to below video.


Do you think you get the point and could fold all pop up tents? If you have any question, you can contact me by email info@greencampchina.com.
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Post time: Oct-26-2020
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