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Refugee, next potential breakout of COVID 19

COVID 19 is epidemic worldwide. Global focus from China to Japan, Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, US. The new cases around 60,000 daily, there are 1.2 million case by April 5th. That will be the biggest issue since World War II and call for worldwide cooperation, virus do not know who you are, no matter prime minister or commander in chief.

confirmed cases of covid-19

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Why COVID 19 epidemic worldwide? Measurement is too late, we miss the best opportunity already. When every country take care of domestic cases, please do not ignore refugees, millions of refugee, we are globally, we are at same planet. Is there any cases among the worldwide refugee? 3.5-4 million in Turkey, 2.9 million in Jordan…According to The UN Refugee Agency, currently 70.8 million refugee around the world.


The world top ten refugee hot countries

Before COVID-19, no matter government, UNHCR, UNICEF or other NGO, mostly focus on basic necessities of life, Refugee tent, Refugee sleeping bag, electric generator are included into their purchasing list.

3 season sleeping bag for UNHCR-pallet packing

Refugee sleeping bag for UNHCR

Under COVID 19 epidemic, what can we do?


There’s no vaccine for COVID-19 until now, according to existing experience, quarantine is most effective measurements. It’s not impossible, Greece became the first country forced to quarantine a refugee camp after 20 residents there tested positive for the virus.

Necessities of life

During the quarantine period, the basic necessities of life should be provided, like water, food and tent and sleeping bag.

Take measurements now, avoid next too late

Post time: Apr-05-2020
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